About Us

Unpaid Movie Critics is an ongoing movie discussion between two friends. Located on opposite ends of the country and in different parts of the entertainment industry, Mike and Becky found their discussions often went towards movies and devolved into something more entertaining. Join us weekly to hear us discuss current movies, movies and shows of the past as well as industry news and gossip.

Mike Sametz

Movie buff, fanboy and a little bit dorky – Mike is located in LA. When he’s not running between celebrity meet and greets, he’s working on his latest script or getting ready to get start filming.

You can find Mike online: Mikethefanboy | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Becky Fixel

Lifestyle writer, bee keeper and movie nerd, Becky is located in Detroit. A member of the Detroit Film Critic Society, she is often at the theaters watching the latest movies or behind the keyboard writing about them.

You can find Becky online: Week99er | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube